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What makes us unique?

Free your hands

The hand grip rotates out of the way with the push of a button allowing the user to walk Hands Free.

Grip the Earth

The shape and material conform to the ground absorbing some of the shock of each step. These patent pending tips are easily interchangeable for different terrains.

Elbows not Armpits

The M+D Crutch cradles the user's elbow and evenly distributes their weight throughout the forearm; removing pressure that other crutches place on the armpits, wrists and hands.

Put your hands in the air!

A hinged arm cradle can be unlocked to provide an enhanced range of motion by enabling the user to reach for things without having to remove the crutch.

On and Off Quick

Made of flexible material, the arm bands conform to each user's arm providing support while allowing quick release from the crutches.

Made to fit YOU

The leg on the M+D Crutch adjusts to fit users 4'11 to 6'8 in height and the arm length also adjusts to ensure a perfect, customized fit.