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Dr. Sabin

Dr. Sabin had been recovering for months from foot surgery and was at the end of her rope in trying to find an ambulatory aid that was comfortable and functional enough to keep up with her active lifestyle.  When a friend introduced her to a local company, Mobility Designed, she finally found the solution:  The M+D Crutch.                    

Dr. Sabin is a physician in the Kansas City area with two offices located in the Metropolitan area.  Her daily grind begins early and ends late and a great portion of that time is spent on her feet, (or in this case her one good foot!)  She has tried just about every ambulatory aid out there.  As she put it, the M+D Crutches were “so much more comfortable than the various alternatives I’ve tried. 

She wasn’t done complimenting the M+D Crutch though.  “Thank God I found these crutches, they were a life saver!” Sabin continued.  “Without them, my recovery time would have been much longer and I would have had to have Carpel Tunnel surgery.” 

Even more incredible to her, she didn’t have to cancel her trip to New York City.  Getting around New York is tough under normal circumstances, but doing so utilizing standard ambulatory aids would have made her trip a nightmare.  “They gave me the freedom I needed,” Sabin said.  Not only did she make her trip, she had a wonderful time using her M+D Crutches in Times Square and other destinations. 

Because she found the M+D Crutch, Dr. Sabin got to comfortably participate in the big world for the past 6 weeks.  When asked what she would do with the crutches when she was done, she replied, “Are you kidding, I’m hanging on to these babies!  I anticipate another foot surgery and I don’t want to go through it without them.”